Iran proposes World Solidarity for Wrestling contests

Iran proposes World Solidarity for Wrestling contests


The Islamic Republic of Iran Wrestling Federation (IRIWF) has submitted a proposal to the governing body for amateur wrestling to organize three-team tournaments every year under the “World Solidarity for Wrestling” banner.

In a letter addressed to the United World Wrestling (UWW)’s President Nenad Lalovic, the IRIWF suggested that the symbolic contests be held in freestyle, Greco-Roman, and women’s styles.

The IRIWF further proposed the participation of national wrestling teams from Iran, the United States, and Russia in freestyle bouts, and Iran, Russia, and Turkey in Greco-Roman competitions.

Teams from the United States, Russia, and Japan were suggested for women’s contests as well.

The events could be held in Tehran’s Milad Tower, in Red Square in the Russian capital city of Moscow, and in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan of New York City, as well as popular venues in Japan and Turkey, the Iranian organization proposed.

It also suggested that the competitions be held between next May and June and that the United States start the initiative by hosting freestyle and women’s contests. Turkey could then host Greco-Roman bouts and Japan the women’s event, it was proposed.

Iran and Russia could host freestyle and Greco-Roman contests afterwards, according to the proposal.

The one-day events would be part of attempts to help promote the sport around the world and keep wrestling in the Summer Olympic Games program.