Displaced families in Mudug region after heavy clashes

Displaced families in Mudug region after heavy clashes


Many families living in Caad area in Mudug region are reported to have fled from their homes area after heavy clashes.

These people have travelled from several locations, including the Hobyo district, and feared these people are suffering from the fighting between Al-Shabaab and the resident in the region.

hobyomedia says reports that the majority of the displaced people are women and children, while the situation of  Caad is still high.

Caad village is about 35 kilometres west of Harardhere district in Mudug, where heavy fighting is underway for the last days.

Al-Shabaab has attempted to force residents in the area to fight for their fighters and money, but civilians who have taken control of their weapons have been fighting.

Clashes between the resident and Al-Shabaab fighters broke out in the Mudug region on last Tuesday,

Local residents in the village of Caad (approximately 35 kilometres west of Harardhere) reportedly refused demands by the militant group to have children from the village were sent to Al-Shabaab schools and recruitments.