AMISOM accused of killing civilians in Mogadishu

AMISOM accused of killing civilians in Mogadishu


HM__Muqdishu office | The African Union troops in Somalia are accused of killing four civilians in Mogadishu early hours of Tuesday.

Protesters against the murder took to the streets of Mogadishu. The protesters called on the federal government of Somalia to launch investigation into the incident and hold AMISOM soldiers accountable for killing innocent civilians.

The families of the murdered civilians displayed the bodies of the victims killed by AMISOM troops and identified the victims as drivers.

The Shooting came after IED explosion and gunfire targeted to AMISOM military vehicle in Heliwa, witnesses told Radio kulmiye.

Somalia government said that it launched an investigation on the killing the innocent civilians in which accused for AMISOM.

The Somali terrorist group of Al-shabaab claims the responsibility of the attack and said they have killed soldiers of African Union.

AMISOM is yet to comment the killing of the civilians.

As Al-shabaab constantly attack AMISOM bases and convoys, African Union troops open fire indiscriminately and that causes civilian casualties.