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Puntland´S Gaas Apologizes For “Mistakes” Requests UAE To Continue Supporting Regions Forces

Puntland regional state President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has requested United Arab Emirates to continue with the training and support of the Puntland Maritime Police

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AMISOM issues an order for AU troops not to enter Halane compound

Troops with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have been given a directive not to enter Halane – a sprawling heavily secured compound in

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Gulf crisis spills into Somalia as tensions with UAE soar
- Apr 14, 2018
Tensions between Somalia and the United Arab Emirates ratcheted up this week as Mogadishu ditched a military deal with its ally and seized millions of dollars in cash from an ...
Daawo Sawirada Tababarayaal Emarati ah Ee gacanta ku hayay Xarunta tababarka Ciidamada Puntland oo Maanta gabi ahaanba Isaga baxay puntland
- Apr 14, 2018
Sidda ay Risaala u xaqiijiyeen qaar ka mid ah Shaqaalaha Garoonka Diyaaradaha Magaalada Boosaaso Hawlwadeeno, madax iyo saraakiil ciidan oo ka tirsan dowladda Imaaraadka Carabta ayaa maanta ka Ambabaxay  Boosaaso, ...
Dhageyso:-Madaxa Xukuumadda Maamulka Galmudug Oo Bilaabay La-Xisaabtanka Golaha Wasiirada+Sawirro
- Apr 14, 2018
Shirkaan oo looga hadli doono qorshaha horumarinta Galmudug oo maanta ka furmay magaalada Dhuusamareeb ayaa waxaa ka qeyb galaya aqoonyahno iyo madax katirsan Galmudug oo uu kamid yahay Madaxa Xukuumadda ...
Somalia has repaid UAE’s support with insult: Bahrain Foreign Minister
- Apr 11, 2018
Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, has weighed in on the diplomatic tension between United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Somalia, describing the latter as ungrateful and unfair to ...
Al-Shabaab commander defects to Somali government
- Apr 11, 2018
An Al-Shabaab militant commander on Tuesday defected and surrendered Somali government in Bay region. State-owned SONNA media reported that Adan Mohamed aka Adan Shah had surrendered to Southwest authorities amid the ...
How Turkey is winning hearts and minds in Somalia
- Apr 7, 2018
Abdifatah Mahad stands tall in the middle of his farm on the outskirts of Baidoa, Somalia. He boasts about how well he’s doing and the variety of his produce: maize, ...
AMISOM dispells Parliament take-over reports
- Apr 7, 2018
AMISOM has dismissed claims it took full charge of the Lower House building following Wednesday's standoff which saw the interventions of the African Union troops. In a press statement, Special Representative ...
NUSOJ calls on the local media to remain impartial during the political rift between Somali parliamentarians.
- Apr 4, 2018
The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) calls on local journalists and local media to remain impartial especially at this time of political turmoil between members of the Somali parliament ...

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