NUSOJ Sends Condolence On The Death Of Somali Journalist

NUSOJ Sends Condolence On The Death Of Somali Journalist


he National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is shocked to hear the death of a Somali Journalist Abdullahi Osman Moalim in Mogadishu on Wednesday morning 13/09/2017.

NUSOJ expresses its deepest sympathies and sends message of condolences to the families, friends, relatives and colleagues of Somali Journalist Abdullahi Osman Moalim, who died injuries he sustained from a suicide attack in the town of Beledweyn in central Somalia on September 10,2017 in which four people were killed and more than ten others injured including two more journalists .

The late Abdullahi Osman Moalim was working with radio Codka Hiiraan and Jubbaland TV and he among people and several other journalists sitting in a teashop near Beledweyn regional headquarter to wait a planned press conference of the regional administration before suicide bomber attacked them.

Abdi Moalin Aden a member of NUSOJ Supreme Council who is also a relative to the deceased journalist Abdullahi Osman Moalim, has said that he’s been shocked to hear the severe injuries of the journalist and decided in the same day to be flown to Mogadishu since his condition was so serious in order to get urgent medical assistance .

NUSOJ member of the Supreme Council who was staying the injured journalist in Digfeer hospital in Mogadishu since he was taken to Mogadishu said that Abdullahi’s condition was deteriorating time after time despite doctors were assisting him in their capacities but unfortunately he was confirmed dead at 3:00 AM on Wednesday morning .

Members from NUSOJ steering committee were among people attended the burial of our colleague journalist Abdullahi Osman Moalim today.

The Union’s Secretary General, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu– said the death of the journalist journalist Abdullahi Osman Moalim was heart breaking and sent a message of condolence to the family of the late Somali Journalist.

We wish the two other journalists who also injured in the same attack to recover the injuries quickly.
“The late Somali Journalist who was member of NUSOJ , was a young, very vibrant and we share the family’s grievances” said Mahir Jama Aden, the president of NUSOJ.